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Live Broadcasting

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about us

Playo is a video production company based in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, founded in 2004.

Our core business is the live broadcasting of any kind of event. We specialize on sport multicamera live broadcasting, however, we can also record and broadcast any other type of event: cultural or conference, to name a few. The same versatility applies to our clients – it doesn’t matter whether you want to broadcast a local sports event, an international tournament or if you are an international broadcaster aiming to hit a million views, we can meet your requirements.

Using our mobile broadcasting gear we are able to work literally anywhere on the World. With our Outside Broadcasting Van (OBV) we have an easy access all over Europe. With our two Flight Pack System (FPS) we are able to work also overseas. Altogether with our 3 standalone solutions we can broadcast up to three different events at the same time.

The video that we produce can be distributed live to a TV channel or streamed online on the Internet, all in flawless Full HD quality. Many times, Playo has also become a media partner of an event, so in exchange for discount we can buy a license and place the content on our video channel, both live stream as well as Videos on Demand (VoD).

Of course, the produced video is recorded so you can use and edit the material anytime later for any purpose you will need.

We use our unique graphic system for display any graphic layers, such as score bug, titles, live statistics, etc. Our system can be used independently or integrated with any local scoring or timing systems.

There are no sports without instant replays and slow motion. We have a high quality Slo-mo system and we employ the best replay operators, who really enjoy finding and showing the best and most spectacular moments of the match.

Playo, however, is not defined only by our technology support but also by our enthusiastic, highly skilled & professional team of cameramen and OBV operators, who work tirelessly to deliver you and your viewers the best experience possible.

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Outside Broadcasting Van

Outside Broadcasting Van.

OBV is our mothership, the latest model of Mercedes Sprinter. Fully loaded with modern technology, it can connect up to 12 cameras at the same time, all in a Full HD quality. The OBV is usually operated by five people – a Technical Director, a Sound Engineer and three Operators: Slo-mo (instant replays), CG (graphics), and CCU (image quality).

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Flight Pack System

Flight Pack System.

The Flight Pack System (FPS) is a smaller, portable version of OBV technology. It works in Full HD and allows us to connect up to eight cameras. FPS is operated by three people. It has all the needed technology: instant replays and slow motion, graphics and scoring system. FPS is rather used for online streaming than for TV production. We have two similar Flight Pack Systems.

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Additional Equipment and Services

Additional Equipment and Services.

We can enhance your livestream, generating visually impressive camera angles and shots using our drone for aerial footage, camera crane for smooth camera movement, cable cam for spectacular overhead images. We can even broadcast in difficult terrains or across vast areas such as ski slopes.

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Live stream over the Internet

Live stream over the Internet.

We create a video signal at the venue, which we then process, encode and transmit onto a video server. This can be a YouTube channel, Facebook page or any other CDN platform (Content Delivery Network). If you don’t have access to any of these, don’t worry. We can broadcast your event on our YouTube channel or on our internal CDN.

Live TV Broadcasts

Live TV Broadcasts.

We are technically able to distribute our final video signal straight to your contracted TV channels. Once you have your contract in place, we can lead the technical logistics directly with the TV station and arrange content delivery to an SNG, which can then be provided either by the TV station or by us. The SNG is a vehicle with a dish antenna for transmitting the signal to satellites, where it is picked up by the TV Channel and broadcasted to the audience.



If you don’t wish to broadcast your event live but want to share it with the world later, we will record the entire event „as live“ and we will deliver recordings afterwards to you ready for distribution or further editing. We can, of course, provide you with the recordings even if your event is broadcasted live.

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. video portal

video portal

We can host your content on, our own video portal, live and as the Video on Demand (VoD). You can easily find some of our latest work on the homepage or you can browse through our history to find some of our older footage. All content is accessible via categories such as Softball, Baseball, Basketball, Skiing, Handball, Squash and more. You can use the calendar of past and upcoming events, so you have a chance to find content you have missed, and plan for future viewing.

If you choose to broadcast your event on our video portal, can became a media partner for your event. In this case we are happy to offer you a discount for content license. We have been a media partner for organizations such as European Softball Federation, Confederation of European Baseball, International Basketball Federation, International Floorball Federation, International Paralympic Committee and many more.

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