Live Broadcasting

Live Broadcasting

. who we are

who we are

Playo is a production company based in the very heart of Europe – Prague, the Czech Republic. We are huge fans of sport, so naturally our specialization is live-broadcasting of basically any kind of sport. But we can virtually manage to broadcast or record all types of events, from the ones in sport, culture or conferences for instance. The same goes to our clients – it doesn’t matter whether you want to broadcast a small wedding or if you are a international television aiming to hit a million views, we are able to medialize just about anything.

The great things is, that we can be at three places at the same time. We don’t have just our great OBV with all the broadcasting technology you need. There are another two options we provide: These so called flightpacks are a mobile solution giving us an opportunity to work at more places simultaneously – meaning we can manage to broadcast for example up to three matches (or any other event) happening at the same time. But mostly, Playo is not just about the technology. There is gonna be our very own professional and enthusiastic team of camera and OBV operators present at every event.

The final video result of your event can be distributed to a television station or straight on-line, all in a flawless Full HD quality. Another great thing worth mentioning is our video-channel, which works not only as a platform for your live-streams, but as an online library with Videos on Demand (VoD), so you and your customers can watch all the streams later.

Since our HQ is in Prague, it is really easy for us to get almost everywhere in Europe. But actually we were able to work even across the ocean, so to put it in a simple way – there is no “unreal location” for us.

In a matter of sports events, we have a very unique graphic system (all you see on the screen – as the score, time or live stats as yellow cards etc.), which can work separately or can be integrated with a local scoring system. If you ask, what our thing is, than this is.

There is no sport without instant replays and slow-motions. That’s why we take these two very seriously. We have great slow-mo system and even better replay operators, who really enjoy finding and showing the best moments of the match.

Even though, the very core of our company started to work together way back in 2004, Playo as a company was funded just recently in 2012. That is why we are very proud to be where we are now, after just a couple of these years.

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. technologies

Outside Broadcasting Van

Outside Broadcasting Van.

OBV is our mothership, the latest model of Mercedes Sprinter. Thanks to the modern technology inside, we can connect up to 12 cameras at the same time, all in a Full HD quality. It is usually operated by 5 people – there is a Technical Director, Sound Engineer and three operators: Slo-mo (replays), CG (graphics), and CCU (image quality).

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Flight Pack System

Flight Pack System.

It is a small version of an OBV technology. It works in Full HD and allows us to connect eight cameras. It is operated by three people. It has all the technology you need – slow motion, instant replay and scoring system. Flightpack is primarily used for on-line streaming. We have two flightpack, but the second one is only for limited number of cameras and cannot do an instant replay and is used mostly during smaller events.

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Other Gear

Other Gear.

To make the live stream more interesting, we provide some visually impressive solutions. We can use a drone for aerial footage, a camera crane for smooth camera movement and for spectacular view from above we offer so called Cable-cam. We are also prepared to install cables in a difficult terrain or in a vast areas such as ski slopes.

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. signal distribution

Live stream over the Internet

Live stream over the Internet.

It is very easy - we create a video signal at the venue, which we process, encode and then transmit on a video server. It can be an Youtube channel, Facebook page or any other so called CDN platform (Content Delivery Network). If you don’t have an access to any of these, don’t worry. We can broadcast your event on our Youtube channel or even on our intern CDN (with a service charge).

Live TV broadcasting

Live TV broadcasting.

We are technically able to distribute our final video signal even to TV stations. It is not so difficult as it could seem. We just need you to let us know in advance - that some TV station is interested in showing your content. Other essential thing is so called SNG van (vehicle with a dish antenna), which can be provided by the TV station or by us. Via this vehicle we can send your video literally to the space and from there to the TV screens back on the Earth.



If you don't wish to broadcast your event live, but still want to have it on a video and share it with the world, there's another, very easy way how to do it. We are able to record your whole event using our fast and large recorders. After that, we can hand it over to TV stations or straight to you - if you'd like to do some editing later. The footage is in a high TV quality and there's no problem to record your event while it's being live streamed.

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. Video portal

Video portal is our video portal, which can be a main broadcasting site for your video as well as a VoD database for watching the footage later. You can find some of our latest work there or you can browse into the history and watch lot of our work we have done so far. It is divided into separate categories, each one of them represents one particular sport (you can find Softball, Baseball, Basketball, Skiing or Squash there). On the site you are able to find a current calendar of past and upcoming events, so you have a chance to see matches or other events you have missed.

If you choose to broadcast your event on our video portal, can represent your venue as a media partner. In this case we are happy to offer you a discount. We have experience being a media partner for such organizations as European Softball Federation, International Basketball Federation or International Paralympic Committee.

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