Additional Equipment and Services

Additional Equipment and Services

OBV and FPS are essential equipment for all types of broadcasting. But to improve your livestream visually, we provide much more. We have different types of special equipment allowing us to create beautiful and unique shots, so the viewers can feel like they are right in the middle of everything. Usually, we use this kind of technology to show the key moments from a different perspective.

  • Cabeling


    Kilometers of almost every type of cable on the market today. Cabling a 5 km ski slope is no issue for us!

  • Camera drone

    An aerial solution for the greatest shots from a different perspective.

  • Camera crane

    Camera crane

    Fantastic for smooth, sweeping shots and unique angled close-ups.

  • Cable-cam

    A powerful tool for stabilized images that allows you to closely follow the action from above.

  • Cue light

    Cue light

    LED red beacon

  • Pay Per Watch system

    Pay Per Watch system

    We can also provide a pay-per-watch system to charge your content on our video platform,