Flight Pack System

Flight Pack System

The Flight Packs (FPS) allow us to send our team to different or more difficult locations, when the OBV is not available or suitable. It uses similar technology to the OBV, with the difference being that it is stored in separate cases instead of one vehicle. The advantage of this solution is that we can transfer our equipment to a final location by car, cargo plane or even boat. Our Flight Packs allow us to connect up to 8 cameras with Full HD quality. FPS is operated by three people, the Technical Director (our broadcasting general, who decides what to run and when), the Slow Motion operator (responsible for instant replays of interesting moments), and the CG operator (creates and follows a game’s stats and score). We have two similar Flight Packs.

  • Production switcher

    Production switcher

    ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K

  • Routing system

    Routing system

    Smart Videohub 12x12

  • Instant Reply & Slow Motion

    Instant Reply & Slow Motion

    Newtek 3Play 425

  • Character Generator

    Character Generator

    two channel (fill + alpha) graphic generator, including an open data integrator connecting to any kind of scoring or timing system

  • Cameras


    5x Panasonic AG-AC160AEJ, Panasonic AG-HPX371, Panasonic AG-UX180EJ, Panasonic AG-AC90, 2x Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K

  • Tripods


    Sachtler Video 60 Plus Studio + Tripod OB 2000, 3x Sachtler System 18 S2 + ENG 2 D, Libec RS-350M, Libec RS-450M, Libec RHP75 + T103B

  • Sound mixer

    Sound mixer

    Yamaha MG16XU

  • Effect microphone

    Effect microphone

    10× Rode NTG, AKG D88 S, AKG D5

  • Commentary headset

    Commentary headset

    2× Sennheiser HMDC 27, 2× AKG HSC-271

  • Commentary system

    Commentary system

    Glensound Express Box MkII

  • Intercom


    Motorola CM140 UHF, 6x Motorola CP040 UHF