European Cricket Series, Czech Republic & Iceland, 2020

European Cricket Series

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European Cricket Series

Czech Republic & Iceland

Summer 2020

Although many of the sports events have been canceled in the 2020 because of the COVID-19, we surprisingly joined a new partnership with a new customer, European Cricket Network. We have covered several weekend and one weekly events of the European Cricket Series.

One of the interesting and challenging things during these events was a fact, that most the events have been held in the small village fields in Czech Republic, in the center of the beautiful nature, but without any technical background on the other hand. That’s why we had to arrange things such as a diesel aggregate for our OBV, we had to construct really high camera towers to meet the camera’s angle requirements, and so on.

During August we had been preparing another event, this time outside of Czech Republic, in the spectacular nature of Iceland. We had sent our Flight Pack with our crew there, unfortunately, just literally after the landing gear of our plane touched the ground in Keflavik Airport, the event has been cancelled because of the raising numbers of positive case of COVID-19 in Iceland. Finally, just like a little compensation for our customer, we rent the European Cricket Series’s Trophy and made some funny movie with this trophy going through some of the most known places in Iceland.

You can see all the Europen Cricket Series played in Czech on our portal.

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