Other Gear

Other Gear

OBV and Flighpacks are essential equipments for all types of broadcasting. But to improve your live-stream visually, we provide much more. We have different types of special equipments allowing us to create beautiful and unique shots, so the viewers can feel like they are right in the middle of everything. Usually we use this kind of technology to show the key moments from a different perspective.

  • cabeling


    Kilometres and miles of possibly all cables on the market. Our record is cabling a 5 km ski slope.

  • camera dron

    An aerial solution for the greatest beauty shots from a different perspective.

  • camera crane

    camera crane

    Another equipment we use for a smooth and interesting footage.

  • cable-cam

    A powerful tool for even more powerful images from above.

  • pay per watch system

    pay per watch system

    If you need, we can setup the video on our video platform (Playo.tv) charging system for video views.