Handball League Austria, season 2018/2019

SPUSU liga (Handball League Austria)

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SPUSU liga (Handball League Austria)


Season 2018/2019

SPUSU is the main professional austrian handball league. You can see our video-streams of these matches on the biggest austrian sport portal called Laola1.tv, which is the official partner. We also provide the streaming to Sport Radar Media Services, international sport organisation with more than thousand partners in over 80 countries.

We spent the last season 2018/2019 broadcasting from several austrian cities like Bregenz (their team used to be a long-time handball champion), Vienna (local Fivers are currently the league leader), Linz, Hard, Ferlach and many others.

We managed to broadcast 26 games during this season, using 5 cameras to capture every essential moment.

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